Corporate Social Responsibility has been the cornerstone of enriched quality of life of the community around us. While we continue to grow our areas of expertise and markets, we are also driven by a need to be socially relevant in helping shape a confident, healthy and responsible nation. Our CSR vision reflects this thought process:

"At HI-TECH, we will approach CSR as a business model and a holistic approach to our communities of impact. Through this model, our communities will grow in sync with the development happening around them, thereby creating a balance in the system – both ecological & economical. We call this "Inclusive living" – simply including everyone in the process of creating and sharing progress".

The CSR arm of HI-TECH was born out of a vision to master plan the existing social fabric. Inclusive growth has been the guiding philosophy of HI-TECH through which at all our major project sites we ensure that the surrounding population is included in the development processes and the progress is two way and mutual. HI-TECH as an organization has redefined the fundamentals of urbanization by creating eco-systems where surrounding environment is an integral part of HI-TECH forward march.

A full-fledged CSR unit within the mainstream structure