Hi-Tech operates a Quality Management System that enhances Company Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental policies. Our management undertakes to communicate the policy to all employees, company representatives and business partners and actively encourages all to follow the code. The aim is to maintain and continuously improve the performance of the Company without compromising our commitment to pollution prevention, the environment, or the health and safety of our greatest assets - our employees and our customers.

The Company’s Quality Management System is based on established principles of organization, planning, execution, reporting, review of performance, feedback of experience and independent verification of the work, including the application of continuous improvement. The purpose of the Quality Management System is to have the management organization structured and operate in such a way as to ensure that the principle and aims of the Company Policy are practiced and achieved. This is accomplished by visible and active leadership by management to motivate and secure the involvement and participation of all employees.

The agreed continuous improvement programs promoted within the Company specify the goals, and address the effectiveness of the Company’s management and operational activities.

As a leading Non Destructive Testing company, Hi-Tech will foster an atmosphere that focuses on prevention of accident and protection of the environment. Safety will never be compromised.

Quality Policy:

Hi-Tech is committed to:

  • Provide non-destructive testing inspection and industrial support services that meet customer’s requirements and conforms to good professional practices recognized by the industry.
  • Provide adequately qualified personnel according to recognized industrial standard; use appropriate equipment and recognized techniques in performing work. Staff shall be adequately trained and their skills are reviewed periodically to ensure continuing relevance and suitability.
  • Keep up with changes in the industry and updating staff on the changes and new developments.
  • Motivate all staff to understand and implement the policies, procedures, standards, and instructions of the company’s quality system
    • Set the objectives if the company’s quality system as follows:

    • Customer expectation and satisfaction.
    • Maintenance of the quality system improvements.
    • Zero deviation from practices defined by the company that will affect the confidence of our testing results.
    • Honesty and integrity in all that we do.
    • Uniform standards of behavior.
    • Optimum utilization of available resources.
    • Continual review of objectives and standards.
    • Compliance with all applicable legislation.
    • Conformance to applicable management best practices.
    • Foster open communication between all employees, and provide the necessary tools to effectively promote company policies, objectives and goals.